We are committed to caring for the health and well-being of our attendees.

All live SupportTN events will be facilitated in accordance with TN State & City health and safety guidelines. In addition, partners agree to provide and enforce SupportTN guidelines as outlined below.

All live SupportTN events will be facilitated in accordance with state and city health guidelines. On top of this, our partner businesses may have additional protocols that we will adhere to. 

Our live event guidelines include:

  • Face masks required

  • Audience distancing of at least 6 ft.

  • 50% venue capacity or as per industry-based government and business protocol (indoor and outdoor)

  • Maximum natural airflow (open windows and doors where possible)

  • Clean and disinfect seats and surfaces before and after use

While we will require all participants to adhere to our health guidelines, SupportTN cannot guarantee that all individuals entering events are free of COVID-19 or that SupportTN's implementation of these guidelines will in fact prevent exposure to or infection with COVID-19. Nor, by identifying or implementing these guidelines, does any omission or error by SupportTN with respect to their implementation constitute negligence by SupportTN.

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